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Blog Of David Ernest Mc Carthy

Alea Ensemble Coming To Ireland

Im Lucky And Privileged To Welcome The Alea Ensemble (String Quartet) From Graz Austria Summer 2023. Get Tickets Here.

String Quartet From Deirdre Gribbin

Could This Be The Best String Quartet From Any Irish Composer To Date?

John Feeley Guitar

Over Four Million Views. Not Bad! Put This On The Late Late Show.

Truthfulness And Patience Are The Best Virtues

Im Muslim Myself. Im Not Perfect, Not At All, But Im Muslim.

Anyway For All My Study Into Christianity, Judaism And Islam Ive Come To This Conclusion.

Some Nice Old Sayings About Truthfulness And Patience From Around The World. If You Know Of Any More Please Email Them To Me.

"The Truth Will Set You Free."

"Facts Speak Plainer Than Words."

"He Who Speaks The Truth His Words Are Better Than Silence, But Who Invents Falsifications, His Silence Is Better Than His Speech."

"The Punishment Of The Liar Is That No One Believes Him When He Tells The Truth."

"Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave, When First We Practice To Deceive."

"A Lie Travels Around The World While The Truth Is Putting Her Boots On."

"A Liar Should Have A Good Memory."

"Tell A Lie On Saturday And You Will Be Ashamed On Sunday."

"The Two Most Powerful Warriors Are Patience And Time."

"Hold Faithfulness And Sincerity As First Principles."

"Patience Is The Best Virtue."

"If You Are Patient In One Moment Of Anger, You Will Escape One Hundred Days Of Sorrow."

"From Small Beginnings Come Great Things."

"All Things Are Difficult Before They Are Easy."

"In Prosperity Caution, In Adversity Patience."

"Small Gains Bring Great Wealth."

"A Little Impatience Will Spoil Great Plans."

"A Wise Husband And A Patient Wife Equal A Peaceful Home And A Happy Life."

"Patience Surpasses Learning."

"Think Thrice Before You Act."

"Measure Thrice, Cut Once."

"Perseverance Brings Success."

"Little Strokes Fell Great Oaks."

"A Handful Of Patience Is Worth More Than A Bushel Of Brains."

"The Best Things Come To Those Who Wait."

"Slow And Steady Wins The Race."

"Beware The Anger Of The Patient Man."

"Think First, Start Later."

"Failure Is The Mother Of Success."

"Carry On."

"It's Not That I'm So Smart, It's Just That I Stay With Problems Longer." (Einstein)

"Patience Is A Bitter Plant, But Its Fruit Is Sweet."

Thanks Irish Arts Council

First Prize In Vienna! Project Supported By The Irish Arts Council.

Thanks Irish Arts Council

Third Prize In Vienna! Project Supported By The Irish Arts Council.


Creative Commons Licence 3.0 Attribution And Share Alike. Image By Adam Feron And Gary Farrelly.

Very Sad To See Wikipedia Page On Defastenism Queued For Deletion. Someone Please Do Up Another One And Save This Slice Of Irish Fine Art History? Im Wondering How Much Money Will One Of The Airports Done By Gary Farrelly Fetch In Seventy Years Time... We Irish Tend To At Best Ignore, And, On Average, To Hate Our Own Talent. Look What We Did To James Joyce! Honestly Art Admin Community Here What Are We Paying You For?

David Young Is The Best Tailor In Ireland

Had The Pleasure Of Getting One Suit Made For Me By David Young In Francis Street Galway. Saville Row Quality, Literally (Exact Same Materials And David Trained There Also) But Quarter Of The Price! This Man Is An Artist In His Own Right, It Is Just Amazing How He Can Get All The Fabrics To Come Together Perfectly Like That. And It Is The Saville Row Look. As An Old Collegue Remarked To Me, People Can Visually Tell When Your Suit Is Off The Peg. But, Trust Me, It Is Unlikely Anyone Will Look Down Their Nose At Any Jacket David Will Make For You. Couldnt Recommend Him Enough. He Does Womens Suits And Jackets As Well.

Check Out His Website Here

Thanks Irish Government

Pretty Amazing Time And Lifestyle At Tyrone Guthrie Centre In July 2021. What Happened The Boats?? Less Security Cameras Would Reduce Jitteryness, Please If Possible.

Drogheda Is Not That Bad

Has Had Some Bad Press But Actually Quite Good For Tourists Visiting. Quite Some Attractions, Old Monuments And The Like. Had The Pleasure To Give Valentyn Silvestrov The Tour Of Monsterboice, An Abbey That Is One Thousand Years Old! Thanks To The Guards For Restoring Law And Order. Come At Your Own Risk!

Irish Classical Music Practitioner